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The name of Phuket is shared by both an island (the largest in yacht charter Thailand) but also by a city, both equally famous for their sailing potential. Bordering the Andaman Sea, yacht charter Phuket enjoys lovely weather, lovely beaches and even lovelier people, the main reasons why western tourists choose to come to these exotic waters.

Being the most populated, Phuket Town is also the main economic and touristic hub on the island, which is no mean feat, since most Thai provincial towns are generally ordinary. The real expansion of the city began in the middle of last century when the building boom really took on. The good news is that the locals did not import some western architectural style, but stuck to what they knew best, a fact which today affords an Asian-inspired style but with Portuguese colonial roots to please foreign tourists.

The whole island and the city too is serviced by the Phuket International Airport, located in the north of the island, exactly opposite to the city, which sits on the southern side, at about 32km which is usually done in about 30 minutes. Tourists are usually advised to have a rental car waiting as public transport on the whole island is erratic at best.

The main attractions in town are the Chinese district which attracts most western tourists to yacht charter Phuket. This is famous for its temples such as Jui Tui and Put Jaw, for the Phuket Culture Museum and the Cultural Center where you'll also find the local University. If you head outside of town, you'll be able to find the beautiful Orchid Farm and the Thai Village which displays typical local houses and customs.

When it comes to shopping, the Chinese District is the place to be. Apart from large stores and malls, you'll also find typical local markets. It's here you'll find the local souvenirs and typical Thai products. Grab something for yourself or bring stuff to the people back home.

When it comes to food, yacht charter Phuket is known for its decent meal prices so go restaruatn hunting around the city center to find something you'll like, if you can read the menu that is. If you don't like to experiment with the local cuisine, stick to the International menu.

At night, the atmosphere is pretty colorful and vibrant, though not as wild as in the neighboring city of Patang. Still, in yacht charter Phuket you'll find some nice places like the clubs and bars downtown, some of which are British and Irish pubs for those who want to reconnect with long lost friends.